What the heck is ZumiOS?
ZumiOS is a patented Dynamic Imaging technology that instantly resizes your website’s images for all major mobile browsers. This means ultra-sharp images on pinch-zoom and ultra-fast images on page load. Oh, it will also let you know exactly what your users are doing on your sites’ pages when they’re not clicking on stuff.



Pinch-zoom nirvana

When a mobile user pinch-zooms into an image ZumiOS returns a detailed, full-resolution image rather than a blown up, pixelated image mobile users have learned to tolerate. Improve your users mobile browsing experience with ZumiOS!

  • Dynamically serve razor-sharp images on pinch-zoom
  • Greatly improve mobile and tablet experience
  • Reduce unnecessary clicks
  • Increase mobile visit duration
  • Simple and fast implementation

400% faster page loads

When a full page from your site loads on an iPhone, the images are about 4X larger than they need to be. ZumiOS instantly replaces them and quarters the page load time/bandwidth usage which means longer visits and higher conversions.

  • Reduce mobile data usage by up to 75% on page load
  • Increase mobile page load speed by up to 400%
  • Greatly improve mobile experience
  • Increase mobile visit duration
  • Simple and fast implementation

Total mobile visibility

Google Analytics does a great job of telling you how mobile users are interacting with your site. ZumiOS gives you an additional layer of critical intelligence that lets you know how they’re interacting with the individual pages on your site.

  • Monitor and analyze your users’ on-page interests
  • Know what users are looking at but NOT clicking on
  • See what users aren’t noticing
  • Make refined product suggestions based on individual usage patterns
  • Create rules to trigger real-time chat, offers, and recommendations

“There’s no easier or more immediate way to improve your customers’ mobile experience. If you do only one thing for mobile and tablet in 2013, it should be ZumiOS.”

— Mark Schoenhals | CEO, zZounds.com


Try it on your mobile device right now!
Grab any mobile device or tablet, tap a demo below, and start pinch-zooming on products (heck, pinch in on the iPhone images, too!)


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Without ZumiOS

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With ZumiOS

Want to see a page from your Adobe Scene7- or Liquid Pixels-powered site running ZumiOS?

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Clean, fast and simple installation!
If you have any questions about how ZumiOS works or would like pricing for your site, please give us a call at (312) 239-0823.